Remembering to Breathe

We’ve been there.

Matroneé began as an answer to a need. We experienced the unnerving scalp IV, that constant concern. We sell caps with a functional purpose, sure. But we also believe in the power of putting it on as a deep-breath moment.

Our Story

We are a mother-daughter team who started this business after experiencing sleepless nights in the NICU and the trauma of the scalp IV.

When we suggested a cap with a hole in it, one of our nurses said, “ I would give anything for a cap with a hole in it”. It wasn’t long before we went to work, sketching, cutting and sewing.

The Brand

Pronounced: Mă-trō-nā

Inspired by the Celtic mother goddesses and our own Scottish-Irish heritage we have translated the softness, resilience and strength that mothers embody.

The Journey

We hope to restore the dignity of parents during their most traumatic moments and we see a future where Mati Cap will assist warriors of every age coping with life-saving procedures.